Getting Real Backlinks and Real Citations

By Charles Harper | News

Feb 10

My Take On Backlinks

Ever since Panda and Penguin I have been suggesting that companies start looking at things that they can do to get real, natural backlinks. We all know that what made backlinks such a widespread practice in the past was that they were easy to get. Now with the stroke of the keyboard, Google eliminated the advantage that companies could get from hiring somebody cheap to go out and create blog networks and paid links.

Don’t Be A Pollyanna About Paid Backlinks

Now, I am not naive enough the believe that there won’t be any more backlinks. People will figure out how to get them and basically get around the current system. If you are putting up an affiliate site to score a few dollars in sales here and there; we’ll I wouldn’t endorse it but I understand why you may not want to put the time and money into real links.

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