A GHL Sub Account and Systeme.IO really serve different purposes and a case can be made for you to have and use both.

Your GHL Sub Account Customer

Typically, you or your customer will get access to a GHL Sub Account from an Agency Holder who is paying High Level Monthly.


The agency owner process access as part of their product or service mix.  For example, we give Ultimate Insiders use of a Sub Account as part of your/their membership.

A GHL Sub Account is made for the Sub Account owner to sell locally and online both digital and physical products.  It also allows for the owner to book appointments, track consulting leads and sales processes.

The customer you’re selling our GHL Sub Account course to, needs sophistication in what they offer and how they offer it. 

Get our recent course for that person:


Your Systeme.IO Customer

Your Systeme.IO Customer is an online business owner primarily. 

 Although they can use Systeme.IO to sell physical products, the customer is primarily using it to build and list and audience to sell to and keep all of their products there.

The Platform is cost effective typically depending on what they have to pay to get access to the Sub Account.

Systeme.IO is ideal in that their affiliate program allows for you to provide a link to people that want to start their own online business.  You will get the commission as long as they maintain their subscription.

We have a multi-volume set that you can use to educate them as long as they maintain their subscription. Go here to get Volume Three of Expertise Monetization Playbook

(You can get the rest of the volumes inside of the funnel)


Go here to get the first Systeme.IO course we did here:


What Both Platforms Do

Both platforms allow you to deliver all of your courses, host your videos and run an online community.   Both connect to Zapier or allow you to use their platform to collect leads.  Both platforms allow you to use templates to build sales pages and host them. 

Both platforms allow you to customize with your own domain and allow you to run your own affiliate program.  

Do You Need Both Platforms?

I have no dog in the hunt to sell you software.  So, I don’t favor one over the other.

The way I explain it to Ultimate Insiders is that it makes sense to make to run your business with the GHL Sub Account I give you and sell your stuff.  Why pay for a second account to host and sell your video courses if I am giving you one?

And then when you PUT people into their own online business, use Systeme.IO for your customers to get the platform through your affiliate link.  Do this to generate semi-passive commissions. 

Use our Systeme.IO training courses as a way to make sure your customers are educated on how to use it.

Since all of the courses are 50% off the original launch price when you’re an Ultimate Insider, that is the best way to access them.  Go here to sign up:



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