This week, I started a series of video courses and don’t know exactly how many I will need to create before it will end. The subject is a little tricky for online marketers: Using a (Go) High Level Sub Account (There is much debate on whether the “Go” belongs there). The reason for this is that my colleagues and I exist in the business opportunity space. And the most lucrative opportunity for some is to help businesses by providing tools using the Go High Level Platform.

But that is not my primary focus. For years now, I have created video courses and licensed them to other people to sell as their own. I sell them one to many, so most of the people use them inside of a membership where they are training and teaching online business skills. There are some that use our videos to sell as a course that they don’t create.

That’s where High Level comes in. The platform gives an individual or a group the ability to provide websites that stream videos, provide payment processing and sales pages to their customers. Naturally, most of the people that use it, provide this and other value added services to small local businesses. My use is to provide the same level of service to our monthly subscribing customers. We provide just as an agency would the use of a “sub account: to our people.

So, my newest set of instructionals (what I call our video training) is really designed for our customers to use the videos to navigate the platform to sell the courses they get from us. But we thought that it would also be a good idea to provide the same training to the public. There are quite a few online marketers, I am finding that have their own Go High Level Sub Account and would benefit by me teaching how it is used.

There is a gazillion people teaching how to use the platform on YouTube and even if the Go High Level Facebook Group and Community. But not too many people have our (Laurel’s and my) community in mind. Our community is online first, not brick and mortar first and most of the features would be overkill if they started watching all of the available training.

So, this weekend, I released Volume One with more to come. It also includes an Unrestricted Rights version which allows the rights holder more options than our typical resell rights license.

Go here to take a look at the course for yourself:

Charles Harper
Charles Harper

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